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A Kyiv pianist Yevhen Gromov is a special figure at Ukrainian performing stage. Not only the amount but the quality of what he has done is of great importance. For many a year he is busy with things which none of his colleagues tackle. He prepares, performs and records the most complicated concert programmes of the 20 century piano music. Gromov's performances are self-sufficient due to the comprehensive completeness, the thought-out concept, careful treatment of material to say nothing about the works elegance and uniqueness. In fact, it is a scarce case of a performer o-author sharing his message with the audience to bring to ramp’s lights composer's talent without defying him.

Dmytro Desiateryk ( The Day, 2004)


... Gromov's career is a rocketing one. He is a welcome figure at festivals, guest performances.

He has recorded over a dozen of CDs. Gromov defies a callous idea concerning a pianist repertoire. With his apparently indiscriminate approach (he performs both Viennise classics, romanticists, and modern authors) Gromov's choice mirrors his personality. Even his selection of “always sold-out”, standard preferred domain of rank-and-file pianists repertoire - romanticism - differs from that of other performers. Gromov's stage appearance, his playing manner are uncommon indeed. But his performing pose is quite pardonable, for it is instantaneous, ruled merely by the music itself. Gromov carries yet another unusual gift - he is in full command what he is playing.

Alexander Moskalets (The Capital News, 2004)


... January 1998. Philharmony, Column Hall, the Silvestrov piano music evening. The performer is Yevhen Gromov. An uncommon feeling of the performer and the composer being identical. The personality of Zhenia is imperceptible. The master V.V. took up Zhenia's body to play himself, with an utterly difficult part - the unusual touch bringing a new nuance to the Silvestrov sound, subtle agogics, a special feeling of time as reminiscence - taking place with no effort, as if it goes without saying. I think Silvestrov has never been played better - neither before nor after…

Victoria Poleva,  composer (The Weekly Mirror, 26 October 2007)


...Yevhen Gromov's Solo Concert. Its programme "Shapes in the air" was firsr and foremost remarkable due to a talented interpretation of music history. The avant-garde came to have a rather important temporal dimension proved to be closely associated with the idea of 'continuity"…


Elena Dyachkova ( The Weekly Mirror, 2004)


..., As usual, the concert was brilliantly 'directed', which features Gromov's perfomances. The pianist playing is thoughtful and intelligent. Moreover, he explains and comments the pieces. None of nowadays performers ever have the courage to do it. Anton Rubinstein did it at his 'historical concerts'. 

Nina Shurova ( The Weekly Mirror, 1997)